Пафосная подпись.
После первого сезона я уже делала подобную запись, только там переделке подверглся ледигагин Alejandro. Тут градус психодела тоже ок, но песня еще более попсова.


Verse 1:
Wake up in the morning feeling like Sherlock Holme
Grab my scarf, I’m out the door, I’m gonna crack that code
Before I leave, time to think, with a nicotine patch
‘Cause they look good on the arms of Benedict Cumberbatch

Pre-Chorus 1:
I’m talking shooting the wall ‘cause I’m bored, bored
Using my riding crop in the morgue, morgue
Buying more jam than we can afford, ford…
Phone rings, listening to the Beegees
Trying to beat Moriarty
At 221B… Baker Street

Tease Mycroft, text Lestrade
Have some eye-sex with John
Tonight, I’ll solve the case
And make sure London’s safe
Sherlock, is on top
But the murders don’t stop, no

Verse 2:
Don’t have any theories yet, but I have my skull
As long as John’s here at the flat, life is never dull
Now Scotland Yard’s lining up, ‘cause they’re on a drugs bust
But I punch ‘em in the face if their name is Anderson

Pre-Chorus 2:
I’m talking about playing violin at three in the morning
Throwing out the jumpers John’s hoarding
Wishing life wasn’t so boring…
Yeah, I’m keeping entrails in the bath, bath
Pick-pocketing Lestrade for a laugh, laugh
Being a high-functioning sociopath, path
Not a psychopath


Oh John, you are my rock
You are my ground
My heart, it pounds
I’m actually feeling

You say that I
Don’t have a heart
But it’s just hard
And that’s not quite true

Oh John, you are my rock
You are my ground
My heart, it pounds
I’m actually feeling

Just admit it
It is a date
It is a date…

The Moriparty don’t start ‘till Jim walks in...


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